Frequently Asked Questions

The meeting will be hosted as a Zoom webinar.  This allows the participant to see and hear (but not to speak.) The election will be hosted on

You will need an internet enabled device with a speaker. Most computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones will work fine. If you have multiple devices you can use one to view and one to vote.

The best solution would be to go to a location that does. However, if that isn’t possible, you can still listen to the meeting by telephone. A telephone call-in number will be announced. Although you will not be able to vote by telephone.

Zoom and Electionrunner both work with any internet enabled device and a simple web-browser. Zoom does have an app that can be downloaded, but it’s not required. The app does make the site more user- friendly.

We are allotting 15 minutes for voting. We intend to do this from 6:30 PM to 6:45 PM for the first ballot. Ballots needed after that will be announced.

Yes. informs us of the final results of the vote but does not tell us how individual voters voted.

The voting will be sent to each voter by email, so you’ll need two separate email addresses. This this system, two voters cannot share the same email. If you don’t have an email you will need to set one up or borrow one. If you need assistance with setting up an email, please let the office know and we can assist you.

You can both be on the same device as one viewer. This shouldn’t present a problem. However, during the voting time one of you will need to access their email and click the link to vote, then exit and let the other do the same from their email.

If the Teller’s Report indicates that we need to cast a second ballot for an election, then you’ll receive instructions at that time and a second ballot will be emailed to you immediately. 

Yes! We will host a Zoom webinar meeting prior to summit, and we will be conducting a practice poll with Electionrunner. Please watch for these invites via email and use them to familiarize yourself with their use.

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