Elections To Take Place At Summit

Superintendent Election

We are planning to start the superintendent election process with voting Monday afternoon business session. Our incumbent superintendent John Davis wishes to serve another term.
Below are the bylaws for this election:
1.   Nomination. Candidates for the office of network superintendent and assistant superintendent shall be nominated by secret ballot at the Ministries Network Summit in session. Any nominee receiving a two-thirds majority vote on the nominating ballot shall be declared elected. If no election is declared, only the 10 candidates who received the most nominations will be placed on the first electoral ballot. All candidates tied with the tenth candidate will be included.
2.   Vote Required. A two-thirds majority is required for election of the network superintendent and assistant superintendent. If no such majority shall have been reached by the first three electoral ballots taken, the two candidates having the highest number of votes in the third electoral ballot shall be the only nominees to be further voted upon and all other names shall be eliminated.
3.   Incumbent Superintendent. When an incumbent superintendent wishes to serve another term and a majority of the Network Presbytery concurs, the vote will be a “yes” or “no” ballot with a two-thirds majority of all votes cast needed for election.

Executive Presbyter Election

We also have an election for an open executive presbyter position. This voting will start at registration. An initial electoral ballot will be included in your packet when you register. Please cast this ballot at registration. The results will be announced during the Monday afternoon business session, unless additional voting is required. The bylaws for this election are below.
Section C. Executive Presbyters
There shall be an Executive Presbytery comprised of the network superintendent, network secretary, assistant superintendent and two section presbyters elected at the Network Summit from the network presbyters. This Executive Body shall conduct the business of the Network when the Network Presbytery is not in session.
  1. The two Presbyter members of the Executive Presbytery shall be elected by secret ballot at the Network summit, with the network presbyters serving as nominees. A simple majority of the votes cast shall constitute an election.
  1. The two presbyter members of the Executive Presbytery shall take office immediately upon election at the Network Summit. Their term of office shall be for three Network Summit years.
  1. If the presbyter member of the Executive Presbytery cannot continue to serve in his/her section for any reason including, but not limited to, the following: moves out of the section or Network, term expires, resigns, is disqualified, that position on the Executive Presbytery shall be declared vacant. The network presbyters shall be empowered to name another Presbyter to fill that position on a temporary basis until the next Network summit at which time a successor will be elected to serve.
a.   The Executive Presbyters shall be empowered to supervise and have general oversight over all departments, committees, and finances of the Network during the interval between Summit sessions. They shall be authorized to act for the Fellowship in all matters that affect its interest while the Summit is not in session. The Executive Presbytery shall make a report of the Board of Presbyters at the regular or special board meeting called for that purpose. In all matters of great importance, the Executive Presbytery shall communicate with members of the Network Presbytery before any final action shall be taken.  They shall not have power to annul or change any action or rules as passed by the Board of Presbyters or by the Council in its constitution and bylaws.

Incoming New Presbyters

Sheldon Miles

Section 2
Thrive Church - Wausau

Kim Buckman

Section 5
Harvestime Church - Eau Claire

Ryan Foldhazi

Section 8
Focus Church - Sun Prairie

Sharon York (Incumbent)

Section 7
Christian Life A/G - Plymouth

Jimmy McDonald

Section 12
New Freedom Church - Green Bay